Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Part 1...The saga of a homemade dress project.....The Good, The bad, and the Ugly!

First things first!! I finally had selected my fabric. I wanted to add an air of
thriftiness to this project, so into the linen closet I rummaged and found a decades old white sheet with eyelet trim. But I didn't want my dress to appear as if I was wearing an old sheet...so I found some black dye!!Photobucket Oh! I had visions of a unique, folksy, black garment with vibrant embroidery!!!... BIG BUBBLE BURST!!... my fabric dying experiment yielded 3 yds. of grey!!!Photobucket a re-examination of the tag...50% poly!!! WHOOPS! Oh well...
I got used to the idea of grey plus the no-iron factor,(an added bonus) and thus my project continues undaunted....I'm sticking to my thrifty guns and shall go where-ever this project takes me! (big grin)....have a wonderful creative day everyone!!!

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Amy said...

I think you've done pretty well, I wish I knew how to sew :-)