Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Tree of Vintage Valentines

Just thought I'd share a few views from my vintage Valentine collection. These valentines are the kind children passed around to their classmates in school. They all
are from the 20's, 30's, and 40's.

Congress has been at it again!..grrrr :-[....

Being over-zealous in their effort to "protect" the masses, Congress drafted CPSIA
or Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, slated to go into effect
February 10,2009. This was their response to the Chinese imported goods laden with lead paint....Unless this bill is re-written, it will make
Grannies, Mom and Pop toy companies,The Amish, and home crafts persons, and vintage re-sellers out-laws, and out of business because of the costly lab testing required on all goods intended for children..Please go to this link provided by Etsy to read more, and contact your representative in congress in a effort to have this bill repealed or re-written.
Thank you!!! America just wouldn't be the same without our American-Made handi-crafts.

Revision: This New Law's devastating effects are much more broader than I realized!!!...Very Alarming!!!!..Please read this very informative article at Blockhead Rod Radio.
We really must take action!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Our Gang Hearts Are Thumps 1937

Our Gang Hearts Are Thumps 1937
Video sent by lilrascalman

the little rascals hearts are thumps 1937 our gang

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another Cute Design To Piece

Just found this cute pattern from Pink Penguin..I can think of several things to make with this design! There is a free download and very good step by step picture tutorials for freezer paper piecing too!..This project will definitely be added to my
to-do list!

Tiny Flora

Doesn't this picture look like it could be a warm,summer day???..LOL!! fact, I froze my tushie off to get this snapshot!!..;-D
This tiny gal is only 4 inches tall! She is made from paper-clay and wrapped wire. She wasn't pre-planned, or designed from a sketch in any way, she just emerged
from the clay as I was playing with it!..I hadn't done anything with clay in over a year!..I definitely need to practice more!!
If you want to see some really fun, whimsical works in paper-clay, pop over for a visit with Flora of Bonehead Studio!!...She is an amazing artist, and very good friend who always inspires me!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Love Don't Stink, When We're in Sync..

This past week we celebrated our 19th Wedding Anniversary!
We happily had a quiet, evening at home.
This is the present I made from a Frowning Francis pattern for my Hubby!'ve seen that mischieveous grin somewhere before!!!...ROFL!!! a wacky sense of humor is what continues to see us through! ;-)


A place affording snug refuge or lodging; a home.

Took it's time getting here; Winter has finally arrived in Georgia.
Normally I hate cold weather, but there is the other side of winter that I find very appealing. The unspoken permission to rest. The Earth is resting, so I decided after a couple of futile, "false starts"...I needed to rest too!;-) This is the perfect time for cheerful little projects for the home.
I especially enjoy making things for my kitchen!

I LOVE the tutorial for potholders at Freda's Hive

Making kitchen towels from vintage embroidery patterns is another favorite quiet activity.
Go here to Tip Nut. They have several free vintage patterns to choose from. I think My favorite is the
dish pattern from the 1930's..I Love the art deco shapes!

And finally from Lizzy house is this free Housewares quilt pattern using the line
of fabrics called "Lizzy Dish". WOW!!!!...this fabric line is sooo ME!!! It would be perfect with my collection of Fiesta Ware!..I Must get some!

So give yourself permission to "Nest", relax, and enjoy!!..Spring and all it's busy activity is just around the corner!!
Wishing you all cozy comforts during these winter days!! ;-)

Friday, January 9, 2009

WoW!!...I'm feeling the love...Thank you everyone..

Since being away, I'm slowly getting things back in order...And I need to take the
time to make a few mentions(Sorry friends for being so slow)
During my absence, I had received 2 awards from 3 friends..
Thank YOU so much Kirrily and Laura Ann for the Proximidad Award..

and Thank YOU Gen for the Lemonade cart award!!...SO cute!!!

These awards both require that I submit to 10 others..Seeing that so many
awards are already running the cicuit, I think I'll just admire mine
Thanks again!..You all make blogging and sharing fun!! ;-)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just learning!...A WIP

For the First Time, I'm Trying my hand at a crazy quilt block!. The piecing is done, now comes the hard part, Which is deciding which appliques, specialty stitches and trims I'll be using to embellish it!...I have no idea what this will look like, or where it will lead..I'm just playing and enjoying the process.

Back In The Saddle! ;-)

I belong to a Yahoo craft group called International Prim Doll-makers..
Our first project of 2009 will be progressive through-out the year. The theme is "Annie in the Garden" We all will be stitching a redwork block every month,swapping with a different partner, so at the end, we will have a block piece stitched by each of our friends..later, there will be a contest of the best project using all our swapped blocks...Here's a pic of my first block of the series...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hello Friends!!!

The 3 Wise Men have come and gone, and I hope you all had a wonderful, and blessed holiday Season!!..We sure did!!
My kiddos have finally gone back to school and Hubby is
back at work, leaving me to "The Big Tidy Up"!! I was given this book with that same phrase when I was a small child...hmmmm...I wonder why!..and why do I still remember it??!!..;-D ROFL!!
Ah!! least now I have my computer to myself again! (wink)

I still have lots more housekeeping to do here in my virtual world. And since my real world work area is all tidy again,Photobucket(but,not for I already have lots of new projects in various stages of planning and execution which I'll be sharing real soon.
I wish for you all the very best throughout the New Year!
Love, Kristine ;-)