Thursday, July 10, 2008

IF You Were a Housewife During the Depression.

1930s Marital Scale
I found this funny test thru Pleasing Procrastinator one of the links for Vintage Thingies!
I was intriqued by the title and had to see!!! thru my investigation, I found out,
this was really an actual test during that time written by some psychologist! Too Funny!!!!
No wonder I'm so exhausted before dark!!! It was fun though,
anyone else care to give it a try??? ;-)


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!


Huckleberry Arts said...

LOL I just took it......oh my mom would be proud lol.....score 122 I think I need a time machine LOL!!


Rosemary said...

haha, dang, you're good! LOL! I'm just average :)

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

I am very impressed by your score.
I am glad you found this test interesting. :)
Did they have any sort for nowadays when you looked this up?

Melissa @ Homegrown Catholics said...

Thanks for your link to this test. I was a 97! Very superior. I think just taking the test and all those questions made me really think about how good of a job I am doing, and how much more I still need to accomplish!

Since we're experiencing similiarities in 2008 as the US did in 1930s, I think this is a good evaluation to take!