Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Vintage PlaySuit Sew-Along

"The Girl with the Star-Spangled Heart" is hosting a vintage play-suit sew-along! It officially starts in June, However I was so excited, I jumped Right-onit!! I have always wanted to sew-up one of those fabulous 1940's Beach ensembles. A 1940's Hollywood sewing pattern filled the bill! Below is my inspiration picture with Hollywood pattern split-screen.
Another thing I was excited about, I didn't have to spend endless hours searching, nor a wad of money to purchase this authentic pattern. LaPrairie Lady , on Etsy has the pattern as a very reasonable PDF download ($ 7.50 USD ) HECK!! That's dirt-cheap when you are making authentic vintage. The pattern is tile-printed and you do have to tape it together, but it was very easy to figure-out..and yes!! seam allowances are included. Wooo-Hooo!!(unlike the Burda Patterns downloads.) There is plenty of time to jump in, and best of all, it was a very quick project. I'd like to THANK THE Girl with the Star Spangled Heart.. This sew along opportunity gave me a MUCH needed boost, The crazy job i have, leaves me little time(or mental energy) to do things I enjoy. and I'm finally feeling accomplished again. Thank YOU!!