Monday, June 18, 2012

A detour through the shoe dept.

who is Sam Edelman? as in shoes..I don't know designers; I just know CUTE when I see it! :) I just had to snap them up when I saw them. A huge bargain(10.00/ gently used) I've never owned teal-green suede shoes before. kinda 1940's vintage-y aren't they? :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Butt-Ugly Fabric Stash?? A New Challenge..

Make a silk Purse From a Cow's Ear:Ida Reiter~ UPDATE: Ive now put together my first "Butt-Ugly" challenge, Pictured is fabric from the 1970's, paired with a old pattern from the 1990's, while the print doesn't photograph too heinously, the texture definitely is!! Ewww..70's knit!!:P... If you'd like to play along..continue reading below! ******************************************************************************************** Butt-ugly fabrics..we all have them (don't we?? or am I the only one?):D How did we acquire it, and WHY do we keep it? Perhaps it was given to us by someone who also hated it, and knowing we sewed, "gifted" us with it?? But then, why hang onto it? I don't have an answer for that one! As for myself, I'm tired of that lump in the back. It mocks me, and rears it's ugly head(or butt?? I can't tell which) every time I open the door! My solution is to make a Butt-Ugly stash-busting game of it!! :) My challenge to myself, (any you-all are my witnesses to keep me accountable) :) During down-time,(you know, the lag-time while you're waiting for the Good-Stuff to arrive?) make something from the "Hideous-Stack". No notion-shopping either, just using what I have. If nothing else, these will be work-practice pieces to hone my sewing skills. and who knows?? A pleasant surprise may come of it. Anyone else want to play? Give a shout! I'd love the company. :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What I've been up to..

The last couple weeks have taken me way off-schedule from my personal sewing goals. Firstly, My Daughter Graduated with Honors!! Woot! and my son, a Freshman, was awarded Cadet of the Year in his ROTC program and was also awarded the pleasure of marching- around Fort Benning for a week of ROTC camp...Whatever floats your boat, Son! :D I also had to make preparations to get him ready for his First year of being a paid staff Member at the Boy Scout Camp. I had forgotten what a manic rush school year's-end brings. The expense! Oh my!.. and the whole week of all those awards programs for every school activity!!! and the crazy, busy build-up to the High School commencements. ..Oh and crazy me, without having fore-sight, I agreed to a sewing order for my sister to make a dress for a Toga Party she's hosting, I worked like crazy sewing "down to the wire"..I had to next-day mail it to her in New Jersey..While I'm very proud of my Kiddos' accomplishments... Phew, Stick a fork in me, I'm done!!