Monday, April 9, 2012

Another Sew-Along!!

Yes, I have stumbled-upon another sew-along I couldn't pass up! :)
Pyjamas are on my immediate list, so it was perfect timing. This sew-along is hosted by "Did You Make That"?
Of course, mine will be made from a vintage pattern.
This is the pattern I just ordered, and will begin just as soon as it gets into my hot little hands. :D

Hop over to "Did you make that" if you're interested...As they say, The more the merrier!! :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Oooh La-La..a quick update

I just wanted to show you-all real quick how I plan to embroider the bra..First, I traced a chosen design onto tissue paper, which I found at Maureen's Vintage Acquisitions blog. I loved how the design was already "Cup-shaped". I used thread tacks to keep it in place. (the photo shows my wisteria design is a little wonky, so I'll be repositioning it.)
I'll then be embroidering right over the tissue paper. when done, gently tear your paper away. If you decide to do something like this on a similar or other projects, be sure to keep a pair of tweezers handy. :) That's all for now! till next time.

Friday, April 6, 2012

A New Project...The Oooh La-La Sew-Along

Hosted By A Few Loose Threads.
Here's a pic of The Patterns we'll be using:

I love this BLOG I have been wanting to join-in on the fun of this sew-along for awhile now, I have enjoyed watching Anna's progress, and the progress of other participants, and I finally had a day-off and got my chance! I'm beginning with the Vintage French Bra Pattern, but you can start where you like..Anna has posted great photos to help you follow along..
I started with a ivory, lightweight satin..too flimsy in my estimation, so I added interfacing to all the outside pieces..I may add interfacing to the both back-band pieces, I just hadn't decided as I'm not that far-along yet. I did try out the instructions she posted on adding a lace over-lay..Sooo Easy!! Here is where I left-off for now..I'm going to try a delicate wisteria hand-embroidery design over the lace, so it will be a while longer before I'm done. This pattern is really alot easier and fun than I expected. If you would like to try it, Anna has the links to her etsy, and Artfire on her blog..Do give this a try!! Only 3 Easy Pieces!! I can see so many variations using this pattern.