Sunday, January 18, 2009


A place affording snug refuge or lodging; a home.

Took it's time getting here; Winter has finally arrived in Georgia.
Normally I hate cold weather, but there is the other side of winter that I find very appealing. The unspoken permission to rest. The Earth is resting, so I decided after a couple of futile, "false starts"...I needed to rest too!;-) This is the perfect time for cheerful little projects for the home.
I especially enjoy making things for my kitchen!

I LOVE the tutorial for potholders at Freda's Hive

Making kitchen towels from vintage embroidery patterns is another favorite quiet activity.
Go here to Tip Nut. They have several free vintage patterns to choose from. I think My favorite is the
dish pattern from the 1930's..I Love the art deco shapes!

And finally from Lizzy house is this free Housewares quilt pattern using the line
of fabrics called "Lizzy Dish". WOW!!!!...this fabric line is sooo ME!!! It would be perfect with my collection of Fiesta Ware!..I Must get some!

So give yourself permission to "Nest", relax, and enjoy!!..Spring and all it's busy activity is just around the corner!!
Wishing you all cozy comforts during these winter days!! ;-)

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