Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Congress has been at it again!..grrrr :-[....

Being over-zealous in their effort to "protect" the masses, Congress drafted CPSIA
or Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, slated to go into effect
February 10,2009. This was their response to the Chinese imported goods laden with lead paint....Unless this bill is re-written, it will make
Grannies, Mom and Pop toy companies,The Amish, and home crafts persons, and vintage re-sellers out-laws, and out of business because of the costly lab testing required on all goods intended for children..Please go to this link provided by Etsy to read more, and contact your representative in congress in a effort to have this bill repealed or re-written.
Thank you!!! America just wouldn't be the same without our American-Made handi-crafts.

Revision: This New Law's devastating effects are much more broader than I realized!!!...Very Alarming!!!!..Please read this very informative article at Blockhead Rod Radio.
We really must take action!!

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