Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Additions....

To my line-up in my shoppe at Lemon Poppy Seeds...More to come soon!!!
I have really been busy planning gifts to make and swaps to send.
So I hope to have more pics for you at the end of this week!!
Till then....Happy Merry Making!!!!!!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

THOSE are the CUTEST MICE I have ever seen! They are adorable! I am a mouse fanatic. Oh my, I have to mention them on my blog!!! Totally precious!!!

Flora said...

Those are too cute Kristine , the gingerbread are my fav!!!!

nancy huggins said...

I love the mice on the cookies Kristine..are you selling them anywhere or selling the pattern? I would love to have one like that..I LOVE the cute little long as they are not live ones in my cupboard

Kristine said...

Thank You Miz Penniwig
for that sweet comment!..those little fellas are addictive to make!

Kristine said...

Hi Flora!!!!!
So Great to hear from you!!
Thank YOU!!!
I've been calling the gingers my flatties!!!rofl!!!
they are meant to just hang around holding stuff for cuteness! ;-)

Kristine said...

Hi!!!..Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!!!
The mice were made from a Nanny Norton pattern. Deb, my good friend is the propriortess(ahh!!,sp?)Her link is on my side-bar.
The little mice ornaments are also for sale in my shoppe at Lemon Poppy Seeds with free shipping.
There is a link in the post to take you there!!...Thank you so much for asking!
Please visit again and have a great day! ;-)

Anonymous said...

They are so cute.