Thursday, December 4, 2008

Delights and Surprises!!...;-)

These bright border colors are in honor of the most wonderful surprises I opened Just now!!
This evening was winding down, ordinary, mundane, like any other...I went outside to take the trash out, and a mysterious box was sitting atop my recycle bin!!...I didn't remember leaving a box out there!....The box from Miz Penniwig, was for ME!!!..Yippeee!!!...and look and the wonderous contents inside!!...OH I LOVE it all!!!
Even though it was dark, I HAD to take a pic right away!!...
Some call it tacky...I call it treasure!!;-)
Just look at all this "neat-o" vintage Christmas stuff!!!..
From the "age of Aquarius" is the really cool christmas wrap. LOVE those colors and illustrations..right out of my childhood!! the styro-foam, with decoupaged napkin ornament is just like the crafts I did myself as a girl scout back in the early 70's...oops!! I just dated myself..LOL ;-)
Ooh and there were spices for mulling, rusty tokens, and jasmine tea..and another favorite is the milk glass Santa candy dish..
what a FUN box of gifts..THANK YOU Miz Penniwig!!!! I shall hoard it forever!!! ...LOL..xo


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Ha ha, glad you got the package -- isn't the Santa dish just HORRIBLE??? He's winking in SUCH a prissy way, LOL...that isn't the REAL Santa!!! Thank you for solving the mystery of the styrofoam ornament. I couldn't figure out exactly what it was...

Kristine said...

I LOVED that Santa!!..He cracks me up!!! Thought the decal design was quite clever with the string of words "Merry Christmas" outlining his beard.
ya know what they man's trash....LOL!!...
THank YOU again so Much for sending the box of FUN!!! ;-)

Huckleberry Arts said...

OH MY Gosh Love all the Goodies Lucky You!!!

Kristine said...

Annette my Friend!!!
Ahh!..another one who appreciates the finest of Tacky Treasures!!!..ROFL
Thanks you so much for popping in and leaving a sweet of you!!!
have a wonderful evening!