Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursday

I have been doing lots of sewing lately, and my sewing project is what
has inspired this week's Vintage Thingy. It just did not measure up to my vision or expectations! How frustrating!!! All that time, all the planning, to just end up in the recesses of the deepest, darkest, closet! So in light of that matter...I present to you my
small, but growing,.. quirky, vintage, lighter collection!!!! The radio microphone, and daringer (sp?) pistol lighters, were posessions of a dear friend...
There!!...just entertaining the thought of setting that misguided project ablaze, and I feel better now!...In reality..I'll just cut it up and make something else! LOL!!! Hope you like!!!(big grin)


Kathie said...

Just came by to say hi and desided to stay awhile. Loved your music selection!! I saw my name. I feel special!! LOL!!

Amy said...

Gosh if I hadn't read your post I would've thought all those were real life size items - btw thanks for your comment at my blog :-)


Yes, I just did a lighter post at
Jewelgirl Loves Jewelry last week,
a camera w/tripod and a Royal caselite lighter in a cigarette case.
They really went "way out" when it
came to smoking lighters and novelties. Your lighters are cool!

Unknown said...

What a neat idea for a collection! How did it start? Did you have something from a family member or just get inspired by something at a flea market, etc.?

The Apron Queen said...

Those are all lighters? Cool! What a neat collection

Kristine said...

Hi Amy!
Thanks for leaving a comment.
The lighters are large, nearly life size, not quite!...
I don't use them though, LOL!! they're just for fun! ;-)


diane said...

hi kristine,love the belindy you made sharon!!!....she's such a sticky hope she hasnt been here and seen it already!!!and i just love the little things she's holding too!!!anyways have a great day!!!