Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Look what's popping like popcorn!!!


My Gardenia bushes!!!
I have four very large bushes just like this one. Yesterday, not
a single bloom.....Then today WOW!!! They smell heavenly too!
As I was picking some for indoors I thought of my sister
Rebecca!!..LOL ;0) and how these are her favorite flowers. She lives
in New Jersey where they don't grow..Sooooo.....Becky...These, I picked for
YOU!!!! xxxxxx


LOve, Kris =^^=


Ann said...

Gorgeous gardenia Kristine, I can imagine the perfume. It's raining and cool here so our gardens are looking green but the flowers are suffering.

Sound of Woman said...

Hey Kristine, it's Jude here. I have just tagged you, Go to my blog and read the instructions.

Huckleberry Arts said...

OH I am in Envy Beautiful!!!


Sound of Woman said...

I can almost smell the Gardenias here in Australia.

.Tracey said...

Wow they are beautiful. I keep killing mine so I have now given up.. I wish we could smell them..