Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Vintage PlaySuit Sew-Along

"The Girl with the Star-Spangled Heart" is hosting a vintage play-suit sew-along! It officially starts in June, However I was so excited, I jumped Right-onit!! I have always wanted to sew-up one of those fabulous 1940's Beach ensembles. A 1940's Hollywood sewing pattern filled the bill! Below is my inspiration picture with Hollywood pattern split-screen.
Another thing I was excited about, I didn't have to spend endless hours searching, nor a wad of money to purchase this authentic pattern. LaPrairie Lady , on Etsy has the pattern as a very reasonable PDF download ($ 7.50 USD ) HECK!! That's dirt-cheap when you are making authentic vintage. The pattern is tile-printed and you do have to tape it together, but it was very easy to figure-out..and yes!! seam allowances are included. Wooo-Hooo!!(unlike the Burda Patterns downloads.) There is plenty of time to jump in, and best of all, it was a very quick project. I'd like to THANK THE Girl with the Star Spangled Heart.. This sew along opportunity gave me a MUCH needed boost, The crazy job i have, leaves me little time(or mental energy) to do things I enjoy. and I'm finally feeling accomplished again. Thank YOU!!


Stephanie Lynn said...

Goodness! Your playsuit is adorable! :D If you have a chance, do post a photo in the Flickr group so everyone else can see it!

Kristine said...

Thank you Stephanie!! :D I will this evening when I get home from work. Wishing you a beautiful day! :)

Mrs. Doris Button said...

Kristing, thanks for visiting my blog, now it's my turn to leave you an amazed comment about that wonderful playsuit! It's adorable, and you look great!

LaPrairieLady is an awesome seller, I have had the luck to exchange some stuff with her, and you are right, her prices are very reasonable. Compared to others. I have not yet started my playsuit, as I have too much work in the garden and with the kids, but I am very optimistic to make it in time!

Best wishes from sunny Switzerland, Doris aka Mrs. Button

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Beautiful pictures!