Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge

Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge I have joined with Marie of A stitching Odyssey and many others to pledge to start using my selfishly hoarded vintage patterns. I'll be finishing some UFO's too! Remember Lucky Lucille's 40's Challenge Last spring?? ( I hang my head in shame )...some-sort of misfortune happened and it kinda tripped me up, then the season came and went, well, you know the rest(no dress)..UGH!..But My Chin is UP!! and its Spring again! Time for a fresh start!!! This time, I have a jump on that outfit. just some sleeves, a button placket, bottom-band on the blouse, buttons and I'm done!! That is pretty exciting to me! :) If you are reading this, won't you join us? The widget button will take you right to the sign-up on Marie's page. I can't wait to see What I finish! In the meanwhile, I'll leave you with images of the First UFO I'm going to tackle. Yes! that is a Lucille Ball pattern (circa 1939-1940)in a coveted hoodie-dress. (squeal!) :) Kristine~ :)


Marie said...

Oooh, great pattern and you'll feel so satisfied when you've finished it up! Thanks for taking part and for dropping by my blog to let me know! I've added your work-in-progress to the dedicated Pinterest board - http://www.pinterest.com/stitchodyssey/vintage-sewing-pattern-pledge/

Kristine said...

Hi Marie!
Thanks for coming by. Thank you for the open invitation. :) Yes, indeed! It's a great feeling to be inspired again. and thanks for the add to the pinterest page.
Happy Sewing!