Monday, December 26, 2011

Ahhh...the Day After,..what are you doing today?

When I was small.. it wasn't Christmas that was my favorite day..It was always the "Day-After"..There were always lots of left-overs, so there was No cooking, no cleaning, no chores of any kind, so I was left-alone to play with my new presents. Well that still holds true today. These are my presents from my family, who knows me so well. (not the kitty, Otis just came-by to check things out) lol..
My favorite things have always been vintage kitchen and sewing things. I'm so excited, I cant' wait to try-out my new antique chocolate mold with paper mache!
Also today, I'm looking thru vintage embroidery transfers for a New Year Challenge on the Flickr Group "New Embroidery with Vintage Patterns". a vintage embroidery design must be used to make something to convey a New Year's Resolution. I think I've thought of just the thing..I need a Attitude Adjustment!!..this past year (Or 2) have been full of Time-management, and financial challenges.
My resolution is to start seeing the Glass as Half-Full..Rather than Half-Empty..or make Lemons from Lemonade...anyways, you get the Here's one idea, from Hoop-Love-Transfer-Finds I've found so far for my theme..
I'm still looking for other lemony images for my over-all project, which will incorporate some thrify recycling too! So stay tuned!!This one won't take long! :)

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