Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thrift Shops for Black Friday Deals

If you haven't guessed by now, I'm not your typical Black Friday shopper.
Did you know many thrift and antique shops also had Black Friday deals?
No Traffic, no mayhem, except that which I was part of..hee.hee..check out my daughter and me hangin' with the Blue's Brothers in Dunnellon Florida where we were visiting family for Thanksgiving.

I swear I would love these in my front yard..haa.ha! I was in Heaven! I had a blast and spent very little. I found several winking santa mugs, oops, somehow they got left out of the photo-op..(I had always wanted some of those)
Here are a few more items I scored..Keep checking back here to see the projects that I have in mind for my "new-old" treasures.

And I especially love anything Anthro,these salt and pepper shakers were too cute to pass,(please excuse the lack of lighting) and I loved these vintage tea towels too.
I would love to hear about YOUR found treasures and future projects too! :)

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