Monday, November 21, 2011

For Ornament Inspiration...A Look to the "Good Book"

Over the weekend, this Bible was plunked down in front of me..Hubby says "Hey! thought you might could do something with this".. His sister had sent it, not knowing what to do with it..I peered inside, and oh my..What a treasure!!..deep inside were hand-written pages of my husband's family history dating from the 1800's. There were also pressed flowers, newspaper clippings and political cartoons of the day..I'm sure my SIL didn't know all of that was in there! I'm certainly not deserving to be the keeper of their history..'s a mess..but I saw inspiration beyond the tattered pages. It's heavily laden with amazing lithographs, so I've been thinking what to do?? ah..CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS of course!! is one I've's the very beginning stages for sure! I'm thinking on what direction to go next..I'm sure I'll be experimenting alot with this old book..My hope is to make little treasures for each of my sisters-in-law so that everyone can have pieces of Great GrandMother's Bible.

I'm thinking some kind of resin or Diamond Glaze??..Oh I wish I had the supplies to make soldered glass ornaments.I've seen some really gorgeous ones, and these lithos would be perfect for that sort of thing. Any other Suggestions anyone??..Oh! perhaps even the Tutorial from Pat of Cre8tor's Touch he so generously shared. I'll be sure to post pictures of the end results when I'm done.

and below is another ornament I made from a Sardine Can!!..Ive been having lots of fun staying out of the stores, and giving everything I see a second look.

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