Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Walking In A Winter-Wonderland

Halloween isn't here.. Yet, creating for winter and the Christmas season is now in full-swing here in my household.
This paper-mache' assemblage was just finished today, It's a candy box or maybe an extra-fancy gift box. The snowman and snow was sculpted right onto the box lid, and everything else is permanently attached..Although, I think the little altered paper-clay deer needs a little touch-up and something else (??) ...and maybe some little birds in the tree..(??)..just a thought..
I really can keep going with these thing..but I don't think there's much
more room on this little 6 inch box..;-)


Renee Reeves said...

LOVE, LOVe, LOVE your work!!!!!! IT is exactly what I pictured. THis is Renee from the Antique Griffin. I spoke to you at Weekend Treasures on Sunday. I would really be interested in purchasing some of your art if you are interested. The Halloween tree is AMAZING!

Kristine said...

Thank you Renee!!
It's so nice to hear from you!
If you see something here you like, or
if you have something specific in mind please let me know!

You can also contact me via email.

Thanks again, and have a great day!