Friday, September 10, 2010

Mache,Clip-art, and Tinsel Halloween Tree Topper

The last couple days I've been home sick ,(allergies..achoo!!
so I've seized this time to work on a couple of things for ME!
I made this topper for my Halloween tree.,.
I'm so excited to finally have one,(in a earlier post, I talk about the
2 dollar Christmas tree from Good-Will that I painted black) and have been working hard to get it filled with handmade ornaments in time..
I'm also really hoping to be able to purchase some ornaments this
season from some of my favorite artists..So be looking out for me! ;-)

Oh yes!!..I had decided this blog is for whimsical and vintage inspired exclusively..If you get a chance..please visit my other blog
Kitsch Sink/Half -Baked by clicking on the "nervous fellow" up at the top right of this page, to see some of my current works of the
creepy or just plain


Pattee said...

Fabulous~~~~~ is what I say!
Pattee : )

Leslie said...

He is really cute I like how you incorporated the vintage image. Oh, I also love your blog avi!

~Madalynne~ said...

It's been such fun visiting your blog. Your Tree Topper is absolutely Awesome! It reminds me of a Vintage Halloween Postcard. I don't have a Halloween Tree, but it just went on my "to get" list.

Kannan said...

Good blog.