Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Recycling Men's Ties

It's been awhile since my last post.
I have so many works in progress, I had gotten a little bogged down, with
nothing yet to show..Soon Though!;-)
In the meanwhile, with Father's Day upon us..I'd been thinking about neck-ties!
Not for gifts for Dad, but for crafting!
Here are some cool recycling ideas from those ties that Dad or Hubby no longer care for. or maybe a good excuse for the thrift shops.
Here's a link for a neat little purse-lette bag from Sulky..

RickrackRuby has tutorials on Craftster for some really cute daisies made from ties.

Rick Rack Ruby also has some nice bags made from ties..check out her blog for some really
thrifty inspiration. http://www.rickrackruby.blogspot.com/

And finally came across this fantastic post by Woof Nanny!!

and WOW!!! check out Artful Ties!!..Truly Awesome!!! also posted by the multi-talented Woof Nanny.
I must have been under a rock all this time to not have discovered all her
fabulous blogs till now!!!

So this week, while you're out shopping for Dad, don't forget to pick up a little something for yourself! ;-)


Anonymous said...

ah, at last, someone who is in love with old men's ties...I have boxes of them and now I need a sewing machine to get started!

Unknown said...

Those are some really great ideas, I'll have to go through all my husband's old men's ties!

scarlet reynolds said...

There are a few ways to recycle old company ties. I've seen some made quilts, wallets and headbands as well as children's dress.

Funny Tshirts said...

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