Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Christmas Nativity Challenge....Mary

I'm participating in Cloth Doll Artistry's Christmas Nativity Challenge.
Here is a collage of Mary and how she's been progressing. She's even further along now than the most current image. I'm hoping to have Her with Baby Jesus completed within the next couple of weeks. I had always wanted to create my very own elaborate Nativity. I'm hoping to at least have the Holy Family, and who knows, maybe the 3 Magi done by this Christmas Season. I will then will be adding angels,Shepherds, and animals as time permits. I'm expecting the whole project to take at least a couple years or more. When I'm working on them it feels like a special prayer or devotion..This truly is a personal challenge for me because this will be my first wire and clay set of "people". If you like my progress..please leave a comment. With such a ambitious project, and so much still ahead, I feel I need some cheering on!;-)


Baggaraggs: said...

I can't definetely cheer you on. You are doing lovely work. This looks great. I love the part about it being a special devotion. This is lovely. Hugs, Robin

Kristine said...

Hi Robin!!!
Oh thank you so much!!
I've been Learning this style of figure-making on my own,
and your sweet encouraging comment helps keep me going! ;-)
Thank YOU!!!
Kristine xo

Nicole said...

You won an award - head to my blog - titled - the girl's got a little je ne sais quoi!