Thursday, March 18, 2010

WIP Day 3 Spring Art-Doll

Things are really starting to take shape today..
Click the pic for a close-up if you like.
I taped and padded the body, and painted her
face..I'm so glad she decided to take her skirt
off her head!!...silly girl!!...ROFL!!! ;-)

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Mary said...

Hi Kristine! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on the now passed Obamacare health bill. I know how you feel. The helpless to effect outcome opinion when all the Dems obviously do not care that the majority of the population was against this government run program. My 83 year old Dad, on his way to Church this morning, (they live in NW Atlanta where some of the best health care is available to he and my Mom), says not to worry so much about things you can't change, that what will be will be. Time to stop agonizing over it for me too I guess and hope that people will aptly express their opinion in the next election.

Warmest regards,