Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Time marches on!

Already, nearly a quarter into the new year!
Here's a couple of things I've made since my last post..

I completed a hand-embroidered tea-towel and matching potholder
set for a spring swap.
spring tea towel and matching potholder made for a swap
I also participated in the neatest swap called Initially Yours..A-Z.
We were to create any character for our partners using the initial
of their first name and an accessory beginning with the initial of
their last name..
Here's what I created for my friend Heather Chandler...A hunchback hag, with
her caged canary..I've affectionately named her Old Aunt Zula of Appalachia.
Finished!..Old Aunt Zula of Appalachia

And here's what Heather made for me!"Initially Yours" swap from Heather All the way from the United Kingdom..A Kindly King with his Heart sceptor..and look..it has my initials embroidered on it!..I will try to get a better pic later, but you can see a better pic over on Heather's blog. Isn't he fabulous???..THANK YOU again Heather!!...Did I mention how much I LOVE him?? ROFLOL;-D xo..

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Heth said...

Hi Kristine, So pleased you love the KING.... I just adore my Hag, she is so awesome... and yes her eyes do follow you... along with her pearly toothy grin! rofl! Thanks you a great swap partner.