Saturday, January 9, 2010

What I've Been Up To....

During these days of record low temperatures, I wanted to do something cheeky,
just for fun to keep myself entertained, and Rivkah Mizrahi's Betty Boop Doll challenge filled the bill!
We are using the vintage Betty Boop pattern that is circulated all over..Rivkah
made the astute observation that the pattern is so readily available, but has yet to ever see one made up! Given the popularity of the character, Why is that???
So that being said, my task was laid out. This doll pattern really is a hoot, and a lot of fun. I have already finished the head and body construction, and will soon bring her to life..If you would like to do the Boop, hop over to Rivkah's blog for details. (link in my side bar under Art Doll Blog) I will be posting progress
pics later on today when I return from work!!...Catch you later!!

OK!..I'm Back!!..Now more on Betty Boop's Progress!
Betty Boop Doll From the Vintage Pattern Work in Progress
Betty Boop head
Betty Boop Back View
This pattern called for knit, but I didn't have enough on hand, so I used a pale, flesh-toned cotton. The construction is also a little unusual from most dolls I've made. The arms and torso are one piece, and I had wired her fingers,arms and legs. I also trimmed down the very large hands. Thinking now,I should have done as Rivkah, and just redrawn them. I have also added darts at every bending joint to tighten up her saggy skin, which may have been the result of using cotton rather than a more elastic knit???...hoping someone else in the challenge will provide the answer! lol..The head is also very unique!..You will just have to get the pattern to see what I mean! ;-)...Even with all these little thought-provoking twists and turns,
I have found this vintage pattern very much worth doing! She was after-all, designed as a rag doll but I have added my own spin to it!..stay tuned!!..My Betty will be making her debut very soon! ;-)


carla said...

HI Kristine!!!! Betty is looking Boopie!!!!! Hee heee
hugs carla

Flora said...

Super Boopie or should it be boobie?lol, she looks To Die For Kirsitine!!!

Kristine said...

Thank YOU Carla!!..Will keep you posted! ;-)

Kristine said...

Thanks so much Flora!!
You shoulda seen her before
I gave her a boob job!!
WoW!!!..I'm jealous!!!

Heth said...

Wow Kristine, she is coming along great... very curvy! can't wait to see her finished. I am being very slow starting mine, lots of thinking about her going

Rivkah said...

Oh she's coming out great! I posted pics on my blog too!
COme take a look!
Boop boop be-doop!!!

flyingbeader said...

She is looking GREAT! I can't wait to get my pattern to start on my Betty too.


Vada said...

Ok, that does it. I HAVE to have that pattern! Where can I get this one for Betty Boop? Love her!