Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy 2010!!

Brand New Year..
Back View
Here is my first finish of the Year!!..His egg-timer didn't go off,
so he's a little late arriving! is a challenge doll for
the yahoo International hand-stitchers group,..but oops..maybe he doesn't quite
fit the scheme of fantasy?? regardless, I feel like a winner already since he's not a swap, I get to keep him! ;-)
His egg was one of my left-over paper mache snow-globes, so glad it didn't go to waste, and it's bubbling over with celebratory champagne made simply with glittered bubble wrap...The doll was a pattern adapted from the freebie Mannequin pattern by Judi Ward. I altered it by doing some strategic stuffing and sculpting.
Oh Yes!, and his clock which forever strikes Midnight, is made from a small,grungied jar lid.
The last pic of the rear view has my parting shot to 2009!..Here's hoping for better
days to come..ok!..I go to my corner now!! ;-D LOL


carla ( said...

Aw Kristine!!!! The little back pic is as cute as the front!!!! Hee hee!!!!! Great way to start the new year!!!!! hugs carla

Bone*Head*Studios said...

If he is not the cutest thing coming and going, I don't know what is!!! Love him and his sweet tushie!!!