Thursday, November 20, 2008

God Jul!!!

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Is the name of this piece and a traditional Scandinavian Christmas Greeting! ;-)...he's a Norwegian Christmas Nisse(similar to a gnome)
He is the protector /overseer of households and farms in Norway,.
He's holding feed straw to feed the barn animals, and children leave porridge for him on Christmas Eve..In return he leaves small gifts...but watch out!!
If porridge is not left for him..he will bring great mischief to your household! I have provided his little porridge bowl..
..Don't ya just love folklore!!;-)
Made using Nanny Norton's fairy pattern,( which I tweaked a good bit.).lol..I was inspired to make him in honor of my brother's family who live in Norway. His bride of 6-7 yrs is Norwegian, and they have 2 adorable little boys..Of course we miss them year-round, but especially during the holidays...
Anyway it is fun to learn other foreign traditions.
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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Your nisse reminds me of a Klabautermann! Very precious! What a lovely blog you have!!!

Flora said...

Fantastic guy!!111