Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Character Book Swap(click the pics for a better view)

I belong to a primitive doll making group called Primraggchatters, and we recently made dolls for a Book Character Swap..My Friend Kathie of Little Cotton
and I decided on the additional challenge of doing characters from books written near our hometowns. The book I selected for my characters is Uncle Remus' Legends of the Old Plantation, written right here close by to where I live in Georgia. Pictured here is Uncle Remus with Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby. I absolutely love how this vignette turned out!!..I hope Kathie likes it to!

And here is the Gorgeous Annabelle Lee, that Kathie made for me!!! I'm using her pic because I love her background better!.lol.;-D...Kathie is originally from Baltimore, Maryland, so that is why she chose a Character from one of Edgar Allen Poe's writings. Incidentally, he is one of my favorites!!
Thank You Kathie!!!...This was so much fun and I hope we can challenge one another again real soon!!xoxo


Kathie said...

I peaked!!!! I want my Box!!! Its not here yet. I love it and it means so much more because it came from you!! I was just trying to remember all the Brair Rabbit stories for my daughter the other day. Splash Mountain at Sineyland is Briar Rabbit themed and when we rode it my daughter wanted to know the stories and I had a brain fart.
Now when we read them together we will have excellent company to share the memories. HUGS!!!

Kristine said...

LOL!!!...Thank you Kathie!!
It warms my heart that you like it so well...They're on their way home to ya!!! Not much longer now!..lol

Crystal Buitron said...

Oh I have to say that I truly love both dolls so much! I didnt realized that you guys did the extra challenge. How great is that! You both did such a great job!

Kristine said...

Thank you Crystal!!!
I love adding a little "twist" to things!..LOL!!! ;-)