Monday, January 9, 2012

Resolution #2

Resolution #2 by Kitsch N Sink Studio
Resolution #2, a photo by Kitsch N Sink Studio on Flickr.

Wasting time IS for the birds!
This is another design that will be added to my scrappy 2012 Resolution Apron. Some may wonder what all this stitching is about??..I'm a whimsical, sometimes creepy, figural, paper mache, sometimes cloth- (but always vintage-inspired), artiste' !!
(ar-teest) lol..well, Frankly, Its [stitching] something I can do from my couch!..honestly, since beginning a new life with a full-time job, I hadn't the energy nor the inclination for anything ambitious. It had always been my intention to get my wheels back-in-motion, and get back to my art figures, but I'm not much of a willing night-owl, so it's just not to be..not yet..Still..a creative person MUST create! So for now, I'll be stitching and hopefully something lovely will come from it. The only constant around change.

1 comment:

Bits of Stitching! said...

You did great! It is a lovely pattern beautifully stitched!
I must say .... you are a fast stitcher :-).