Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Quiet as a Mouse

Originally uploaded by Kitsch N Sink Studio
I haven't posted in such a long time..I've been
quietly adjusting to working more outside the
home...but I still try to pursue my craft..just not
as frequently as I'd like..please stay tuned as
I do some house keeping and hopefully more
and frequent updates in the very near future.
Hope you all are enjoying the busy time gearing
up for the holidays.

Oh Yes!..forgot to mention...Squeeky here, was made
from a mini bleached bottle brush tree...I think he still
needs a bit of a tiny haircut!!!...what do you all think??? ;-)


Vyctoria said...

Love you bristly mouse, cute idea...

Kristine said...

Oh Hi Victoria!!!!
Thank you so much for your comment!!
I hadn't posted here in such a long time, I didn't know if everyone had forgotten about
Again..Thank you so much!!!!...xo

carla said...

HI Kristine!!!! Love the little mousie!!!! Great to see you blogging around again!!!! hugs carla

Flora said...

WEll WELL look who's finally back!!!!So good to see you're blogging again Kristine!!Love this little mousie too!!

Kristine said...

hee,hee...Hey Flora!!
and Thank YOU!!..xo
Yep!!.Never know when I'll
show up!!