Sunday, February 15, 2009

A bit Late....

A big HELLO to everyone Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day!!!!;-)
I thought I'd share a pic of this little fellow I made.
I had participated in a Prim doll Valentine Swap, and my lovely partner
Heather from the U.K has received her little Romeo"ALFALFA". I just LOVE his paper-clay hair!! He was Inspired by the Little Rascals Short movie posted here on my blog!...And here he is looking quite at home..I never stop fiddling,fussin, and pokin with my dolls until they are packed up and gone, so that's why Heather's pic is just a bit different from mine...he,he. ;-)


chris. said...

Kristine he looks wonderful, love what you did with the heart....Chris.....

Kristine said...

Hi Chris!!!!
Thank you so much, and thanks
too for stopping by!!
Hope you're having a happy Monday!
still Sunday here and winding down!
have a great week!

Kathie said...

Your Alfalfa is Amazing. You sure made the right decision on decorating his heart. Can't wait for you to make "Darla" to go with him.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristine
Bit late but thanks ...I love him, he is adorable and perfectly at home with me!! You did a great job... as always

twinkle teaches said...

I love your Alfalfa and his vintage valentine. Adorable. Awesome work!!! :)