Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Vintage PlaySuit Sew-Along

"The Girl with the Star-Spangled Heart" is hosting a vintage play-suit sew-along! It officially starts in June, However I was so excited, I jumped Right-onit!! I have always wanted to sew-up one of those fabulous 1940's Beach ensembles. A 1940's Hollywood sewing pattern filled the bill! Below is my inspiration picture with Hollywood pattern split-screen.
Another thing I was excited about, I didn't have to spend endless hours searching, nor a wad of money to purchase this authentic pattern. LaPrairie Lady , on Etsy has the pattern as a very reasonable PDF download ($ 7.50 USD ) HECK!! That's dirt-cheap when you are making authentic vintage. The pattern is tile-printed and you do have to tape it together, but it was very easy to figure-out..and yes!! seam allowances are included. Wooo-Hooo!!(unlike the Burda Patterns downloads.) There is plenty of time to jump in, and best of all, it was a very quick project. I'd like to THANK THE Girl with the Star Spangled Heart.. This sew along opportunity gave me a MUCH needed boost, The crazy job i have, leaves me little time(or mental energy) to do things I enjoy. and I'm finally feeling accomplished again. Thank YOU!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge

Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge I have joined with Marie of A stitching Odyssey and many others to pledge to start using my selfishly hoarded vintage patterns. I'll be finishing some UFO's too! Remember Lucky Lucille's 40's Challenge Last spring?? ( I hang my head in shame )...some-sort of misfortune happened and it kinda tripped me up, then the season came and went, well, you know the rest(no dress)..UGH!..But My Chin is UP!! and its Spring again! Time for a fresh start!!! This time, I have a jump on that outfit. just some sleeves, a button placket, bottom-band on the blouse, buttons and I'm done!! That is pretty exciting to me! :) If you are reading this, won't you join us? The widget button will take you right to the sign-up on Marie's page. I can't wait to see What I finish! In the meanwhile, I'll leave you with images of the First UFO I'm going to tackle. Yes! that is a Lucille Ball pattern (circa 1939-1940)in a coveted hoodie-dress. (squeal!) :) Kristine~ :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Frida Kahlo Skirt

This is a skirt I made using Simplicity 2655; view B. This is the EASIEST pattern! and a great one to use when someone has very little time but wants a couture looking skirt. its a simple A-line, gore skirt, with a separate yoke and flounce. A fun pattern for mixing and matching fabrics or colorways. LOTS of possibilities here. I used a out of print Alexander Henry fabric in 2 color-ways called Frida's Garden, and rather than making a traditional turned hem, I used a wide bias tape. I LOVE how it turned-out. The instructions are very clear and so easy to follow. I will definitely sew this skirt again; However, next time, I would make the yoke and flounce on the bias. this is the only recommendation I have to make this garment even better.
A Picture of me, my husband, and friend Sam Granger when I wore the skirt to Sam's FOlk-Art show opening at "The Collective" in Macon,GA.

Monday, June 18, 2012

A detour through the shoe dept.

who is Sam Edelman? as in shoes..I don't know designers; I just know CUTE when I see it! :) I just had to snap them up when I saw them. A huge bargain(10.00/ gently used) I've never owned teal-green suede shoes before. kinda 1940's vintage-y aren't they? :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Butt-Ugly Fabric Stash?? A New Challenge..

Make a silk Purse From a Cow's Ear:Ida Reiter~ UPDATE: Ive now put together my first "Butt-Ugly" challenge, Pictured is fabric from the 1970's, paired with a old pattern from the 1990's, while the print doesn't photograph too heinously, the texture definitely is!! Ewww..70's knit!!:P... If you'd like to play along..continue reading below! ******************************************************************************************** Butt-ugly fabrics..we all have them (don't we?? or am I the only one?):D How did we acquire it, and WHY do we keep it? Perhaps it was given to us by someone who also hated it, and knowing we sewed, "gifted" us with it?? But then, why hang onto it? I don't have an answer for that one! As for myself, I'm tired of that lump in the back. It mocks me, and rears it's ugly head(or butt?? I can't tell which) every time I open the door! My solution is to make a Butt-Ugly stash-busting game of it!! :) My challenge to myself, (any you-all are my witnesses to keep me accountable) :) During down-time,(you know, the lag-time while you're waiting for the Good-Stuff to arrive?) make something from the "Hideous-Stack". No notion-shopping either, just using what I have. If nothing else, these will be work-practice pieces to hone my sewing skills. and who knows?? A pleasant surprise may come of it. Anyone else want to play? Give a shout! I'd love the company. :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What I've been up to..

The last couple weeks have taken me way off-schedule from my personal sewing goals. Firstly, My Daughter Graduated with Honors!! Woot! and my son, a Freshman, was awarded Cadet of the Year in his ROTC program and was also awarded the pleasure of marching- around Fort Benning for a week of ROTC camp...Whatever floats your boat, Son! :D I also had to make preparations to get him ready for his First year of being a paid staff Member at the Boy Scout Camp. I had forgotten what a manic rush school year's-end brings. The expense! Oh my!.. and the whole week of all those awards programs for every school activity!!! and the crazy, busy build-up to the High School commencements. ..Oh and crazy me, without having fore-sight, I agreed to a sewing order for my sister to make a dress for a Toga Party she's hosting, I worked like crazy sewing "down to the wire"..I had to next-day mail it to her in New Jersey..While I'm very proud of my Kiddos' accomplishments... Phew, Stick a fork in me, I'm done!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Few Threads Loose is having a Give-Away

If you love instant, vintage patterns, dont delay in hopping over to Anna Depew's blog "A Few Threads Loose" (creator of the "Uber-fab" Oooh La La pin-up patterns) She is having a fabulous giveaway on her blog. So much better than a box-full of kittens. :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pyjama Party Finish

Late again!! woe is me..but I am proud to have another finish. Here I am wearing my newly-sewn pyjamas! What do you think?? The fabric is vintage 60's tricot found by a dumpster-diving friend, so it was free. Now that I've gotten the early 60's shortie pajamas craving out of my system, I'm now ready to sew more elegant, perhaps age-appropriate(??) looks. Here's a closeup of the fabric and trims. I thought the cute daisy buttons went well with the little daisies in the print..too "sweet"?? ah well...nobody will see except a few hundred of my closest friends. :D

Monday, April 9, 2012

Another Sew-Along!!

Yes, I have stumbled-upon another sew-along I couldn't pass up! :)
Pyjamas are on my immediate list, so it was perfect timing. This sew-along is hosted by "Did You Make That"?
Of course, mine will be made from a vintage pattern.
This is the pattern I just ordered, and will begin just as soon as it gets into my hot little hands. :D

Hop over to "Did you make that" if you're interested...As they say, The more the merrier!! :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Oooh La-La..a quick update

I just wanted to show you-all real quick how I plan to embroider the bra..First, I traced a chosen design onto tissue paper, which I found at Maureen's Vintage Acquisitions blog. I loved how the design was already "Cup-shaped". I used thread tacks to keep it in place. (the photo shows my wisteria design is a little wonky, so I'll be repositioning it.)
I'll then be embroidering right over the tissue paper. when done, gently tear your paper away. If you decide to do something like this on a similar or other projects, be sure to keep a pair of tweezers handy. :) That's all for now! till next time.